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Letter: Trump is a national embarrassment – and Weiler approves

Jan 25, 2023

This year, mid-January I attended a town hall with Sen. Todd Weiler presenting. No one in the audience asked him a question about former Republican Pres. Trump. But for some reason Weiler defended Trump’s divisive venom and irresponsible behaviors that has increased the political divisions in this country. I can only assume that Weiler thought it would get him votes from the extremists in the Party.

Then I read another man in Bountiful who writes in the Davis Journal that believed that “Trump took a business approach to governing…” If that was all that Trump did we would be better off.

But before he was even elected Trump thought himself wonderful because he “…grabbed women by the p—-…” which I know to be a felony or at least a misdemeanor. This attitude is patriarchal and I do not believe that over 50% of Americans, women, like me believe that this is an admirable attitude or behavior.

Trump was a poor excuse for a human being before he was elected and still is. I do not understand how men who are seen as pillars in our society could stand behind Trump and continue to defend him.

The Bible reads “Honor thy Father and thy Mother”. Most women and men had mothers who were women (tongue in cheek). Most men do not want other men abusing their mothers, their sisters and their daughters as Trump is a proponent of.

Trump was and is an embarrassment to the dignity of America and a world renowned embarrassment.

Dixie Weeks

Woods Cross


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