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Letter: Vote the issues, vet the candidates beyond personality

Jul 18, 2023

Regarding "The Conversation" article on a recent statement by LDS Church leader's "push back against one-party politics":

I believe it is important not to lose sight of the issues. Look at what a candidate will do if voted into office and vote your conscience on that. Do you want open or closed, controlled borders? Who will open or close them. Vote on that issue. Same process should be used concerning law enforcement, our justice system, the economy, etc. Don't get caught up in personalities. I remember friends who voted for President Obama, as they said, "because he seems like a nice guy," but they had no clue or idea as to how he would govern. President J. Carter was a nice guy, but a terrible President if you look at the ineptness of his administration.

I believe what our Church leaders are saying is that we should vote on the issues and not the race, religion, or the personality of the candidates. My own opinion is that the state of our nation now is dreadful, inflation is wreaking havoc on the family's ability to survive, cutting down on their options for education and prosperity. From every angle true religious freedom is under attack. For the first time in my life, I am fearful for our future. Based on issues, I have to vote for a restoration of law and order, spending restraints, and common-sense solutions to day-to-day problems. I cannot see any of this evident in our current administration. Upon these and other issues we should cast our vote, notwithstanding the party or the candidates' personalities.

Darrel Thompson



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