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Letter: ‘Briben’ family corruption is on fully display

Jul 29, 2023

I would like to make a comment on Mr. Garner’s rebuttal on 6-1 to my last letter. I’m glad you learned the meaning of a new word. However, you missed the point of the exercise.

Now, the term “Bidenflation” is defined as “voting stupid.”

The left is politicizing the D.O.J. and the F.B.I. who are protecting Hunter and his father.

I respectfully submit that the Biden surname should be changed to the “Bribens” because of what they are getting away with at your tax paying expense.

On 7-3, the far left wanted to enact the impeachment of some S.C. justices for recent rulings against them that don’t fit their narratives. A.O.C. (All Out Crazy) says the court is destroying the legitimacy of the judicial system. How asinine is that?

Also on July 3rd, a confirmed amount of cocaine was found in the now White(out) House. Let’s analyze this. Isn’t Hunter a crack addict? Did he lie on a gun application? Has he taken up residency in our house to avoid other charges against him? So I’m pretty sure it’s part of his personal stash. However it looks more like a Briben staffer who is willing to take the fall, be fired and paid a “handsome ransom” to stay quiet. What’s next? A brothel at our expense?

Anyone and all of Trump’s family would be behind bars now. Isn’t it ironic that in 245 years nothing has ever been detected or found in our house? Yet in the last 30 months, many illegal things have showed up. One word. “Impeachment.”

Russ Larsen



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