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Letter: Thankful to all who helped with successful parade

Jul 29, 2023

Many thanks to all those who spent so many hours and expended so much effort in Ogden to give Ogden the gift of another wonderful Ogden Pioneer Days Parade. This year the parade was divided into horse and non horse sections and by all accounts this was a success.

The Ogden Pioneer Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers participated in the “Horse and Hitch” section of the parade with a mule drawn wagon driven by Cory Venstra along with many other riders and horse drawn carriages and had a fine time riding down Washington Blvd. Along with the other participants. As we participated, I was struck by how much fun all the horse enthusiasts seemed to be having.

Many people came out with family and friends to line the parade route and all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Thanks again to all whose hard work made this possible.

Willard Maughan



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