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Letter: Citizens and police can cooperate respectfully

Mar 11, 2023

A few years ago I was stopped for a traffic violation. After a short discussion, I grudgingly had to admit my fault. A few weeks later, I turned from Washington Blvd. onto 12th Street. Soon I noticed a police car behind me. I kept my eyes peeled on the speedometer to make sure I was not driving too fast. Sure enough — the lights behind me began to flash! I pulled over, explained seeing him behind me and watched that my speed did not exceed 45 mph. He agreed, right through a school zone. Duh — he was right. He was kind enough not to ticket me.

My point is this: Too often our attitude determines the outcome with officers. If we have a chip on our shoulder, no matter what, we view the officers as harassing us. They just cannot win. If they do too much they get criticized, if they do not do enough they get sued!

Let’s work together, not against each other.

Juergen Sass



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