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Letter: To critics of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mar 18, 2023

The S-E recently published a guest commentary by Keith Burns that essentially was his personal call for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to repent. Keith mentions he is a member of this Church. He lists what he believes are the sins of the Church and explains there should be a clear admission of guilt and resolve and planned action to accomplish this repentance.

As no information to contact Keith directly was given and the words were publicly stated, I here now reply publicly to Keith’s assertions for clarity among non-members and members who may, like Keith, have forgotten that only one man is authorized to speak for this Church, he being at present, Russell M. Nelson. Keith is not so authorized, nor am I, and we cannot speak for the Church, nor can we say what the Church should or should not do, as said Church is guided and headed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself, through direct revelation to Pres. Nelson. This is our claim.

All who differ from the above assertion are not true worshipping members of the Church, and may have need of repentance themselves. What I love about the Church is that it is not the Church of man nor of men, but of God. I would be careful of thinking myself more intelligent or wise than He. If there is need of repentance of the Church, best leave that with God our Heavenly Father, and his Holy Son, Jesus Christ, to take care of. If you have complaints about this amazing and wonderful Church, take it up with Them, and trust in them. I believe they know better than Keith Burns how to manage it. That is my opinion.

Darrel Thompson



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