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Letter: Farmington officers seemed justified in their response

Mar 29, 2023

Mar 18-19 2023 Article “Farmington Deadly Police Incident”

As a retired Federal Agent, I’ve conducted criminal investigations on similar conspiracy theorist groups. Including undercover, attended meetings, studied their propaganda and counseled with judges and prosecutors. The conclusion is always the same.

Dangerous philosophies:

The only law enforcement officer is the Sheriff. They join with the Sheriff (Good guys) to enforce laws against the bad guys, (Federal, State and local police).

They don’t obey the laws of this country. As ‘Sovereign Individuals’, they live by their own interpretation of the constitution. However, the Supreme Court has ruled against this erroneous philosophy several times.

Allan didn’t register his car and refused to cooperate or evacuate the vehicle. Providing identification and exiting the car are lawful orders. When he refused to cooperate and was resistant, the appropriate response was calling for backup, a safety precaution. The more resistant, then more officers were needed for compliance. Considering Allan’s combative attitude and the fact that he was reaching in the direction of a gun, officers were forced to protect themselves and each other, and were justified, in neutralizing the danger. No time for de-escalation when in seconds any of them could be shot.

Officers were in danger:

I’ve been in meetings with ‘sovereign citizens’ when they planned on capturing federal agents, throwing them in rattle snake pits and other hostile actions. I’ve been threatened, pursued and had guns pulled on me for being a criminal investigator. These five officers WERE in danger.

They referred to police as code enforcement officers. They weren’t enforcing some code but enforcing the law.

Attitude concerning laws:

Don’t have to have registration, don’t have to answer questions, can travel unrestricted, they don’t pay taxes but expect the benefits, U.S. has fewer freedoms than 25 other countries, city officials doctored body camera footage and that tyranny exists in our cities and towns.

I hope others can see this protest movement for what it is. Everyone has a right to believe whom and what they want. I support our laws and law enforcement officers in Farmington and the United States.

Bob Jenkins

Farr West


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