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Letter: Veteran bronze medallion thefts discouraging

May 1, 2023

While visiting my parents’ grave in the Ogden City Cemetery this past Memorial Day weekend, I was upset to find the bronze military medallion I had requested for my father from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs missing from his headstone. His medallion could have been inadvertently knocked off. Through my online research I found that many of these are being taken due to their bronze content. This desecration of our veterans’ graves nationwide is appalling. Pennsylvania passed a law increasing the penalties for the sale or attempted sale of these medallions in 2001.

A big “thank you” to those volunteers from the American Legion who were placing American flags on our veterans’ graves. What a great way to honor and remember them for all they sacrificed for our freedom. I will be sending a donation to the American Legion for this wonderful service.

Kent Seko



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