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Letter: Realtors shouldn’t solve housing shortage on their own

May 4, 2023

After reading the article, “NWAOR: New legislation helping tackle Utah’s housing shortage,” I want to commend the realtors for their efforts in addressing the housing shortage. However, since the problem is so complex, we need everyone involved in multiple approaches and solutions. Although the private sector can help, they cannot solve this problem alone. It is necessary for Congress to address this issue as well. One potential solution is a Renter’s Tax Credit, which could limit spending to 30% of household income and offer a refund for those who spend more than that. Therefore, I urge realtors to push for the passage of the Renter’s Tax Credit in addition to the excellent work they are already doing. Additionally, everyone can advocate for the passage of this policy by contacting their representatives before the crisis becomes worse. To Congress, please assist the citizens who are struggling with this issue.

Sarah Miller

St. Louis, Missouri


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