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Letter: A suggestion to solve border, trade problems

May 20, 2023

Dear President Biden,

I think we can do something really good in collaboration with our southern neighbors, solving so many of our challenges. Mexico, Central and South America have great weather, white sandy beaches, infrastructure, cities, manufacturing and shipping capabilities plus so much more.

What if we gave our US companies a benefit or two to manufacture in Mexico or the southern Americas? We send so much of our money to China and they don’t like us very much. They send us so much merchandise, much of it junk.

American companies, who have integrity, could compete with these Chinese companies. I was part of a company that sent Costa Rican mahogany doors to Tijuana to be clear finished. Our only challenge was paying the mordida to cross the border coming back into this country. These beautiful doors were used on thousands of houses here in US, and people loved their look.

If rather than putting higher tax on Chinese goods we could drop or reduce the tax on goods manufactured by American companies in Mexico and the southern Americas we could be well served by the move. Shipping costs could be reduced dramatically. Americans could be utilized as management, sales, marketing, shipping, and other needed jobs here in America.

Training of foreign persons to do the jobs necessary to manufacture goods below our southern border could be done by exporting teachers and trainers there. Getting the factories running smoothly would take intelligence, stick-to-itiveness and work. I have seen the people from south of our border work and they are good workers.

Please write a treaty to end mordida and open the border for people to go south. With jobs, money and factories most people would like to live in their own country, speak their own language and live with their own families. This could end the rush of people heading north.

Mr. President, please do something positive. Enable the southern countries to be better, more livable and able to retain their people in their own country.

This can and will strengthen our dollar, our companies and reduce the border fears.

Ernest Nylander



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