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Letter: Left loses bid to stain Trump, but still endangering America

May 27, 2023

Although it has taken years and millions if not billions of taxpayers’ hard earned dollars, John Durham’s report pretty much exonerated Pres. Trump of any wrong doing. However, the left wingers (and some RINOs) will never accept the results. They will only try harder.

With all of the nonsense that has been thrown at Pres. Trump, he continues to rise in numbers. The snollygosters and their unfounded witchhunts have been exposed for who and what they are in one word. Spurious.

America can no longer allow the lunacy from the far left wing agenda of A.I. (artificial intelligence) and believing that robots are telling you true facts, just remember the word “artificial” means fake, false, manmade, etc.

All it is doing is poisoning young minds who need to be truthfully educated instead of indoctrinated.

America needs to restart thinking for reality as God intended.

I strongly suggest you look up a 1965 narrative from Paul Harvey called “If I Were the Devil.” It truly is spot on of the decline of this great country.

Trump had everything “in check.” I submit the left is just “collecting a check” while throwing America away.

Russ Larsen



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