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Letter: Vivek Ramaswamy an intriguing candidate for president

May 27, 2023

Just listened to Vivek Ramaswamy, American, candidate for U.S. President, speak about the issues facing our nation today. I really like his proposals, his agenda or plans to promote the nuclear family first, close the borders, change the voting age to 25 (18-25 can still vote under certain conditions, that is they show they understand Civics, or have public or military service). Vivek should be given more media exposure. He wants to unite the country, heal the country, truly, and is consistent in a way our current administration is not.

For example, while Pres. Biden wants to send more and more money and equipment to help Ukraine, he also wants to allow Russia to continue to make money to finance their side of the war. This makes no sense unless you are simply trying to drain America of all its resources. Instead of using our military might to help Ukraine maintain its borders, Vivek would bring our soldiers home to maintain ours. Intelligent people surely must vote for a man like Vivek.

Darrel Thompson



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