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Letter: Ex-candidate supports Van Wagoner for Ogden council

Nov 15, 2023

Running for Ogden City Council was an eye-opening experience, with the key takeaway being the true disconnect of those involved in city affairs and your ordinary citizen. It often seems like the people involved in City Government, rather it be passionate advocacy or serving as an elected member, don’t understand what the regular citizen thinks about and wants from their city.

This is an issue that won’t be easily or quickly fixed, and the city of Ogden has plenty of issues that the city needs to roll up its sleeves and tackle. Yet the path to these solutions starts with electing the right members to city government.

While running for Council, I got to know the fine people running for the myriad of seats Ogden city has open this election cycle. I’ve gotten to know where I agree with them, what I like and dislike about them.

Through this I’ve gotten to know Steven Van Wagoner more since my initial reservations about him and his campaign. What’s clear to me now is that if nothing else Mr. Van Wagoner will listen to the voters, listen to the people of Ogden and the 4th District. To begin this process of improving our city we need a member willing to listen, grow and evolve. I firmly believe that Mr. Van Wagoner will do just that if elected. Though communication with him can be rough around the edges, he has a true desire to better understand the voters. He truly seeks to bring the community together and push forward for a better tomorrow for the city.

He may be imperfect, but we all are, and if we’re going to have an imperfect person in government, I’d rather that person be willing to listen to the people that put him there, so that our tomorrow may actually be better than today. I’m happy to support Steven Van Wagoner for City Council and encourage all other citizens of District 4, that when they turn their ballots in before next week’s election date, that they have their vote cast for Mr. Van Wagoner.

Austin Raymond



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