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Letter: Nadolski brings more than just ideals to the table

Nov 20, 2023

Ogden's mayoral race demands a leader who understands our city's heart and challenges. While diversity and progressiveness are valuable, the candidate must bring more than ideals to the table. While I respect the younger candidate's passion, Ogden needs experience and practicality.

As an LGBTQ+ ally, I value diversity, but also recognize the need for seasoned leadership. Our city's unique character and issues cannot be addressed by mimicking Salt Lake City's strategies. We must guard against ballooning taxes and ineffective homelessness policies.

Ben Nadolski stands out with his deep understanding of Ogden, its history, and its potential. His experience and connections make him the right choice for effective, practical leadership.

Please join me in voting for Ben Nadolski, a leader who truly embodies Ogden's spirit. Let's ensure our city thrives by casting our ballots for Ben by 8 PM, November 21st.

Heath Satow



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