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Letter: Nadolski’s work ethic, integrity are right for Ogden

Nov 20, 2023

I am writing to express my unwavering support for Ogden City mayoral candidate, Ben Nadolski, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout his clean and principled campaign. In a political climate marred by negative attacks and divisive tactics, it is refreshing to witness a candidate who has remained steadfast in his commitment to integrity, truth, and transparency.

Throughout the campaign, Ben has consistently upheld the highest standards of honesty and integrity. He has conducted himself with grace and dignity, refusing to engage in mudslinging or personal attacks. Instead, he has focused on the issues that truly matter to the Ogden community, presenting his vision for the city’s future with clarity and conviction.

What sets Ben apart is his ability to rise above the negativity and maintain a mature and strong demeanor. Despite facing relentless attacks, he has remained composed and focused on the issues at hand. His ability to stay above the fray is a testament to his leadership qualities and his unwavering commitment to uniting the community of Ogden.

Furthermore, Ben’s experience and qualifications make him an ideal choice to lead Ogden City. His extensive background in public service and his proven track record of success on the Ogden City Council demonstrates his ability to effectively navigate complex issues and make informed decisions. His experience will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset as he works to address the challenges facing Ogden.

In a time when trust in public officials is often eroded, it is crucial to have leaders who prioritize transparency and accountability. Ben has consistently demonstrated his commitment to these principles, ensuring that the public’s trust is not only earned but also maintained throughout his tenure. By fostering an environment of openness and accessibility, he will strengthen the bond between the government and the citizens he serves.

I firmly believe Ogden City will greatly benefit from the leadership of Ben. His clean campaign, rooted in integrity, truth, and transparency, has proven his dedication to the betterment of Ogden. With his experience, maturity, and strength, he is well-equipped to rise above the negativity and lead Ogden towards a brighter future.

Megan Stephens

North Ogden


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