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Letter: Dave Graf experienced, prepared for Ogden City Council

Nov 21, 2023

For those who may not have voted yet, there is little time left before the ballots are counted and we have new leaders elected for Ogden City. If you live in District 4 and are deciding on who you would like to see to represent not only your district but the city of Ogden on the City Council, I would like to share my support for Dave Graf.

Shortly after I found out he would be representing my district, I reached out and he quickly agreed to meet with me. We have since met several times and we’ve discussed several topics related to Ogden City and over the short period of time that I’ve known him, I’ve learned that Dave cares for this city and wants to see what’s in the best interest of its residents.

Something that puts this into perspective for me is his experience being on the planning commission for the past seven years. In my time of running the Facebook group Ogden Underway, I have spent many hours reading and listening to what the planning commission goes through in their meetings. I review the discussions that the commission has each month and I understand that Dave asks questions and likes to fully understand the proposals that come to them before he votes. I also review many of the City Council meeting notes and see that the planning commission is involved in the process as they make overall recommendations to the council so they can make their legislative decision. Dave’s experience on the planning commission would translate very well into being a council member as he understands the process and the relationship that the two groups have.

For those that know Dave, you can tell that he wants to make everyone feel heard and takes notes of conversations so he can follow up. Overall, I think that Dave would be a great addition to the great members we already have on our council and would do wonderful things for the city of Ogden. Help me in casting your vote in support for Dave Graf!

Andrey Akhmedov



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