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Letter: Reaction to new House Speaker Mike Schultz’s comments

Nov 21, 2023

State Representative Mike Schultz (R-Hooper) was recently elected to be the new Speaker of the House. I am encouraged by some of the things he said on November 14, after being chosen for speakership by his caucus. Among the things he said that I find encouraging are the following three statements.

“One of the things I know is a top priority for everyone sitting at this table is that we make sure we put Utahns first. The citizens of the state will come first.”

“There’s a lot of distrust in government right now and I want the House of Representatives to earn some of that trust back so that will be a top focus for us as well.”

“We appreciate those that challenged the members of leadership. I think that’s always a good process and makes us all better when there’s a little bit of competition.”

With such commitment to putting Utah citizens first, wanting to earn some of our trust back, and that we’re all better with a little bit of competition, I look forward to reading about the Republicans replacing the redistricting maps it created two years ago in favor of one of the maps recommended by the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission. To me acknowledging the will of the citizenry by abiding by its measure, which established the need for a redistricting commission would be a significant step in demonstrating to Utah citizens that voter concerns over gerrymandering have weight with our elected representatives. In other words, if you want “some” of our trust back, then do something trustworthy. After all, as you say, a good process “makes us all better when there’s a little bit of competition.”

Donald Conger



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