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Letter: Morgan County flaunting principles of good governance

Oct 16, 2023

Morgan County’s WPR referendum litigation is about protecting the people’s constitutional right to pursue a referendum and not about how to vote on such. It is a fight to protect the People’s Right to Vote against the actions of their own government to preclude such. Morgan County has actively and aggressively worked, in concert with a private developer, to dictate their will upon the community rather than allowing our constitutionally protected democratic principles to play out. Regardless of one’s position on WPR, the County’s actions to squash the people’s exercise of a fundamental constitutional right of the people should scare all members of our community who believe in and support our democratic form of government. Our government should act to support and defend the people’s constitutional rights, not work to preclude the exercise thereof. It is easy for people to ignore Morgan County’s transition to autocratic governance when their position aligns with that of the government, but once the government’s position and theirs collide, no doubt, our democratic principles will again have value to them.

The Morgan County Attorney, with the support of the majority of the County Commission, has expended the County treasury, our tax dollars, to defend the subordinate rights of a private development company, Wasatch Peaks Ranch (WPR), over the superior and constitutional rights of its own citizens. A referendum provides no harm to the County. The County’s WPR decision should represent the interests of the community, and a referendum simply confirms the decision is representative of the community, and corrects the decision if it does not.

Whitney Croft



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