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Letter: Utah Republicans have stacked deck against Democrats

Oct 16, 2023

My background is in Political Science. I taught at Weber State. So given my background it may seem strange that I no longer vote. It's pointless for me.

Since I consider myself a liberal Democrat, as did many of my colleagues, I would have no hope of electing someone who thinks like me. Nor is it likely to happen anytime soon. Salt Lake City is the only liberal bastion in the state but the Republican legislature has successfully gerrymandered it into four sections, each slice of which becomes a part of a larger rural congressional district. This guarantees that there cannot be even one Democratic congressman representing the state.

Sadly, there is considerable truth in the old joke about similarities between Utah and Cuba. The punchline? They are both one-party states, hate gays, and execute people by firing squad.

M. Jensen Ogden

North Ogden


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