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Letter: Saving Ogden City and Weber County’s Black history

Oct 19, 2023

The Jones family have embarked on a venture to retrieve and preserve as much of Ogden City and Weber County’s Black history as possible. Over the past few years a few African American leaders have been honored for their contributions to the city. For the past sixty or seventy years, there have been many contributions made by the Black community, to the growth of Ogden City and Weber County. But very little of this information has been recorded. We are not sure when the first Black family came to the city, but according to documents Black citizens were already in the valley as early as 1908. The first African Methodist Episcopal Church, Embry Chapel, was built at 2817 Pingree Avenue in 1911, the Black Baptist Church was established in 1914, and the Wall Avenue Baptist Church was built in 1915, at 27th and Wall Avenue. The vast majority of African Americans migrated to Ogden in the mid 30s and early 40s for better job opportunities. There are generations of children in Ogden City and Weber County that know nothing of the struggles, and disappointment their ancestors encountered during the segregation years, or their accomplishments in spite of their limitations. The Jones family has accumulated a vast amount of history over the past sixty-five years. We would like very much to share this information for future generations. Our plan is to petition the city fathers, and the board of trustees of the Marshall White Center, for space in the new center when it is finished to store and display all information. This is a huge project and expensive. Some of the articles need to be laminated, we need picture frames, poster boards, art supplies. If anyone would like to make a donation, any amount would be appreciated. Need more information, email hhazjones@aol.com.

Hazel Jones

Washington Terrace


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