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Letter: Nadolski brings experienced leadership for mayor

Oct 24, 2023

I have worked with Ben Nadolski for 20 years. Early in our careers, Ben was an aquatic biologist and I was the local wildlife officer. Wildlife biologists understand how diversity is essential for healthy, stable and long lasting ecosystems. Likewise, Ben also understands how community diversity improves quality of life and brings future stability. Diversity is a big reason why Ben loves Ogden and why he has made his home here.

Wildlife management is divisive and controversial. I don’t always agree with Ben, but our respect and caring for each other helps us through difficult challenges. Together, we are stronger and make better decisions. Ben has a proven track record of working with all stakeholders for stronger and better policy.

One of Ben’s greatest leadership attributes is his humor. He always makes me laugh when I need it. Ben has an ability to bring levity with some well placed humor when I am facing difficult circumstances or feeling a little down.

I have served locally for over 20 years as a law enforcement officer. For the last decade I have supervised officers in Northern Utah. Ben has always supported me and our law enforcement officers. He appreciates the sacrifices officers and their families make. Ben regularly counsels with me on ways to better protect and serve. His law enforcement experience will improve officer morale and better protect Ogden.

David Beveridge



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