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Letter: Protesting students need an education about Israel

Oct 24, 2023

Students of at least 8 universities across this nation are rallying in support of “the Palestinians.” Many are ignorant of the truth about the age-old conflict between the children of Ismael & Esau and the children of Isaac & Jacob, all whose histories are recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible. Isn’t it rich to think that those of our supposed institutions of learning are so ignorant of the Bible and the history of the Israeli conflict, yet ever ready to march and shout and protest despite their lack of knowledge. I recommend studying “Fantastic Victory” by W. Cleon Skousen, to gain such knowledge.

What we must make clear is that there is a great difference between Palestinians and Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups. To establish peace the terrorists must be eradicated and destroyed because their only goal is to kill all Jewish people, and they will not relent from that. Of course, we hope that few Palestinians will die at the terrorist’s instigation, but those who harbor and help the terrorists have no standing to sue for peace. Especially since they as a people have never accepted any peaceful co-existence with Israel, their brothers.

As a conservative I cannot be silent (thanks Erick Erickson) on this matter. The many illegal immigrants pouring across our borders (thanks Pres. Biden) have been proven to include members of terrorist organizations. They likely are easily manipulating the pawns in our society, namely our ignorant university students. We should all become better informed and stand with Israel’s right to defend themselves.

Darrel Thompson



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