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Letter: Prerequisites to be mayor: Current and relevant knowledge

Sep 1, 2023

Two of the most asked questions of the seven Ogden mayoral candidates are what needs to be fixed and how will you do it? Answering these questions requires current and relevant knowledge. How do you get this? There is only one way. Showing up and participating in Council and government meetings. Over the past year, mayoral candidate Angel Castillo has boasted about her perfect track record, (even better than the City Council’s) of attending and participating in every City Council meeting and work session for the past five years. Well so what? The “so what” is none of the other six mayoral candidates have current and relevant knowledge of the people, businesses and issues involved in Ogden government because they weren’t there. Ogden needs a Mayor that can hit the streets running and not take two years to “come up to speed”. Angel Castillo not only knows the critical priorities but has a relevant plan to fix them.

In a recent Town Hall forum sponsored by the Ogden Regional Airport Association, ORAA, the two current City Council members running for Mayor were asked about their voting record on the Title 8 ordinance passed by the Council in April 2021. This ordinance has cost Ogden City millions in lost revenue with language that is a violation of contract law. The response from Councilmen Blair and Nadolski was “we didn’t know what we were voting for and should have studied it more.” This is inexcusable. It is the root cause of lost revenue and opportunities in Ogden City.

In addition to a perfect attendance record at Council meetings, Castillo is the only attendee that read every packet given to the City Council. This means her public comments are very current and relevant. When she speaks, Ogden City government listens. Angel Castillo is the only candidate that will hit the streets running. She has the drive combined with the current and relevant knowledge to address critical issues and opportunities as Mayor of Ogden City.

Ed McKenney



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