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Letter: Consider adopting an animal to prevent euthanasia

Sep 18, 2023

We have a crisis in O town. Weber County Animal services have too many animals! They are at this moment overcapacity. To remain a no-kill shelter they need our help. Please sound a very loud alarm. Many animals need to be adopted immediately!! Time is of the essence!! ALL of the animals there, especially the dogs, are absolutely adorable. If you are thinking about adding a new furry friend into your life NOW is the time. And I think the price is right, also. Please call 801-399-8244 and set up an appointment (or stop in) to select a loving, loyal, tail wagger and be ready to have your heart stolen. I guarantee it! I’ve been told that if adoptions aren’t immediate some of God’s beautiful creations will be put to sleep. So please make a decision to adopt a new friend or friends and save a life. Who knows the life that is saved may be your own!!! Please spread the word!!!!!

Connie Hurst



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