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Letter: State Legislature taking unnecessary trips on our dime

Sep 18, 2023

It appears that the State Legislature and the Governors office do not have any respect for the tax money that they spend. Earlier this year the Legislature sent a contingent to the UK for some reason — doesn’t do anything for the citizens of the State. Then they sent a good sized contingent to Israel to study how Israel is coping with or dealing with drought and water. Since the water laws in Israel are totally different than here — it was a wasted trip (in my opinion). Israel (the government) owns the water, the people do not. Now we have sent a contingent to Atlanta to assess what it would take to have a Major Baseball League team in Salt Lake. This is not the purpose of government — it should be solely on the individuals or groups or corporations that wish to have and own a team here.

Seems that there is not respect or regard for the tax dollars they spend on these “official business trips”. Perhaps they should be reminded that those dollars (tax dollars) do not belong to them to spend as they please. Those dollars belong to the taxpayers — period. Time to clean house in our State Legislature.

Larry Clark



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