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Letter: Stark comparison between Biden and Trump

Apr 2, 2024

I find it interesting that today, Joe Biden is trying to hold on to the presidency any way he can. He is embarking on a campaign today with Obama and Clinton to raise money to help him fund to hold on to the presidency, Donald Trump is attending a very sacred service a New York police officer who was killed while doing his job to protect the citizens of New York. Think about it, the difference between Biden and Trump is miles apart. Biden's attention is only to hang onto the white house, Trump's attention is to honor those brave young men who give their lives to protect OUR lives. We should all consider which way we should vote in the upcoming election. The person who only thinks of "self" or the person who grieves WITH THOSE WHO HAVE SACRIFICED EVERYTHING TO KEEP US PROTECTED FROM THOSE WHO WOULD TAKE AWAY ALL WE HAVE!

Margaret Brough



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