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Letter: Biden’s been at work for all; Trump only for himself

Apr 17, 2024

In all due respect, Margaret Brough, I have to take issue with your letter about a stark comparison between Trump and Biden. Yes, the two men could not be more different, but saying Trump has sacrificed all for America while Biden is only trying to hold onto power is a grave mischaracterization. Trump has bragged about assaulting women, lost a lawsuit because of defamation, makes fun of attendees at his rallies, benefited financially from his hotels, etc. as president, and had distanced America from our allies. He aligns with dictators and men such as Putin. Yet, Trump is a magical manipulator and definitely knows how to sway public opinion and, I apologize, dupe people. His campaign funds are far behind Biden’s, most likely because he is using them for his legal expenses. If you care about clean air and drinkable water, Biden has invested more in mitigating climate damage while Trump eviscerated climate rules. Biden would like to tax the very rich, while Trump gave them, including himself, tax cuts, adding to the debt. Biden has lowered the cost of prescription drugs. More people have health insurance now under Biden while Trump vowed to create a better plan (never did) and tried to undermine the ACA. Biden has created jobs that benefit us all. He supports personal rights. He is trying to create more public spaces and parks. I don’t agree with everything Biden does, but his record and actions have shown he is a good person, working for the well-being of all of us. Trump, well, he can put on a practiced face, say he’s victimized, but you need to look back at what he actually did. Again, not much to benefit most of us.

Patty Becnel



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