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Letter: Clarifying my concerns about future US elections

Apr 17, 2024

I was pleased to have Charles Trentelman reply so quickly to my letter (March 14 & 18). He is my all-time favorite columnist over the nearly 50 years I have been reading the Standard Examiner. I dare say many who cancelled would re-subscribe, were his “Wasatch Rambler” writings to reappear. I also appreciate and affirm the way he presented the facts about the 2020 election.

My anxiety is not over whether my vote in Weber County will be counted correctly. I am concerned, however, how votes might be counted in states where votes really count in the outcome of 2024; and even if there are accurately reported (as in 2020), what schemes are being conspired to miscount or overturn them (as after 2020 or worse), and might even succeed this time.

Surely our congressional delegation is just as aware of the facts as Mr. Trentelman, yet from what I can tell our four representatives and senior senator remain silent about them. Why? Why not act in concert with our junior senator and publicly “tell the truth”? I realize I’m being politically naïve about political risks. But silence implies assent. And it seems to me that until the air is cleared and the truth about 2020 is openly acknowledged by our national leaders our elections are vulnerable to serious mistrust, conspiracies and violence.

Bill Heersink

South Ogden


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