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Letter: Comparing unequal political parties

Apr 22, 2024

Let’s compare the republican political party to the democracts when it comes to character, class, integrity and corruption. From 1961 to 2019 the republican party held power for 31 years, in that period of time there were 149 indictments, 95 convictions, and 34 party members sentenced. When it came to democrats in the same period they held power for 28 years there were 3 indictments, 1 convictions, and 1 member sentenced. Moving forward, when frontrunner for the nomination to represent the democratic party Gary Hart was found to be having an out of marriage affair, he was immediately removed. Later another frontrunner and up and coming star and young man by the name of John Edwards was in line for the nomination and he too was found to be having an out of marriage affair and he also was let go. Al Franken a congressman was found to have made a gesture of grabbing a woman who was sleeping breast while on a USO tour during the Vietnam War, and he was forced to resign his congressional chair. Today, the GOP not only has a frontrunner, but potential nominee to represent them by the name of Donald J. Trump, a former president in the 2024 presidential election later this year. And he has four indictments along with 91 felonies starring him in the face who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, stiffed workers, contractors, and creditors and bragged about not having to pay taxes. And by the way has been reported to have cheated on his current wife with a porn actress. Now if you can’t see the difference between the two political parties, then this country is headed for destruction as W. E. B. Du Bois once said, “Either the United States will destroy ignorance, or ignorance will destroy the United States.”

Miguel Serda Jr.



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