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Letter: Trump doesn’t really care about cops

Apr 22, 2024

A prior letter writer wrote, “We should all consider which way we vote on the up-and-coming election.” She also said, “Trump’s attention is to honor those brave young men (police).” Trump said, “On day one as president I will pardon the January 6 hostages.”

The January 6 mass assault on police officers was probably the largest attack on police officers in U.S. history. There have been over 467 rioters sent to jail. There have been over 123 hostages (rioters) who have been charged with felonies using deadly weapons on Capital police and D.C. Metropolitan police officers relating to January 6. The rioters have been found guilty of spearing officers with flag poles, bats, using tasers, toxic spray, hitting officers with lead pipes, throwing explosives into a tunnel, where most of the attacks occurred, carrying knives, hatchets and firearms.

Did Trump offer any condolences and grieve with the Capital Police that were injured during the riot, of course not. But showman Trump had no problem grieving at Jonathan Diller’s wake. Does anyone think this is a political sham?

Trump said, “inclined to pardon many” of the people convicted of a federal offense who rioted at the Capital. What sane leader would want to free people who attacked those police officers? Oh, that would be Donald J Trump!

Diane Woolsey



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