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Letter: We need leadership in Congress, not party politics

Feb 1, 2024

Many evaluated the 2023 Congress as the least productive, most dysfunctional ever. We need leaders honoring their Constitutional Oaths, not players trying to score political points.

Representatives returned from their vacation and promptly declared it is impossible to meet their already twice extended deadline. To “save us from a government shutdown,” they again extended their own deadline. Continuing Resolutions (CRs) effectively continue business as usual at a time when we must improve our ways. Promptly after granting themselves another extension, they left D.C.

Nobody likes to pay taxes. We must reduce spending. The only proposed spending reduction involved not expending designated future IRS funding. They justify that decision by inducing fear and vilifying our hard-working neighbors doing the roles as Congress legislated, securing funds so Congress can continue their egregious spending. The Treasury Department just reported a $559B budget deficit for the last three months, and total federal debt now exceeds $34T. Delaying budgetary constraints and criticizing IRS employees are not Constitutional roles nor honorable leadership.

Congress vilifying IRS employees is analogous to the Defund the Police movement. We must strongly Back the Blue and support IRS employees by vehemently defending persons against unjust critiques and fear-inducing comments from persons with ulterior motives.

The tax gap (estimated uncollected taxes) annually exceeds $300B. Covid relief fraud is estimated at $420B. By not providing the IRS with necessary funding, Congress transfers the higher debt / deficit negative consequences to honest citizens. Eliminating special interests spending is a better priority.

While not passing a budget, Congress also failed its oath to support and defend the Constitution. Alternatively making loyalty oaths to a presidential candidate confirms their dereliction of duties. Stop trying to score political points. We must protect our border and enforce current immigration laws. Securing our border is a Constitutional role; scoring political points is not.

I encourage all citizens to use your powerful voting right to communicate to Representatives that we want progress, not politics.

Bill Campbell, U.S. House CD-1 candidate



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