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Letter: Evangelicals’ hypocrisy displayed in support for sinner Trump

Feb 5, 2024

Evangelical Christians in America promote sexual morality, honesty in business dealings, criminal justice, truth-telling, oath keeping, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

However, evangelical leaders today support a presidential candidate who has been found liable for sexual assault and business fraud, abuses the criminal justice process by paying lawyers to delay trials indefinitely, lies profusely in public speeches, breaks his oath to protect and defend the Constitution by promoting an election riot in the halls of Congress, and treats his loyalists to a video promoting himself as God’s newly appointed savior.

This candidate also regularly engages in the seven mortal sins: pride (he has done no wrong, this is the greatest movement in history); greed (taking a full measure of prohibited emoluments while in office); wrath (constant rage on Truth Social); envy (bullying those opponents who advance in stature opposite him); lust (hush money payments, sexual assault, boasts of groping women); gluttony (his portly dimensions); and sloth (excessive time on the golf course).

Good thing no one is paying any attention to the hypocrisies of our nation’s saintly ones.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross


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