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Letter: Vexed by 2024 legislative session and the money giveaway

Feb 5, 2024

A lot of bills already introduced in the 2024 State Legislature Session. A tax break is one the Legislators and the State is attempting to put into effect — it calls for a reduction in the State Income Tax. Keep in mind that this tax cut applies only to those of us that actually pay State Income Tax. It will reduce the rate of tax from 4.65% to 4.55%. This is a whopping 1/10th of 1 percent. So — like some of us, that will equate to about $50 for the entire year or just over $4 a month in tax savings. On the other hand — some of the legislators are asking for additional tax breaks for those families with children. A refundable child tax credit up to $2000 per child, an earned income tax credit (refundable of course), and now they are considering or are being asked to consider the State paying or subsidizing child care.

Once again — these are the tax filers that generally pay little or no State Income Tax at all and in many cases the State is giving them thousands of dollars a year just because they have kids. Again — they get thousands of State dollars given to them while those of us that are retired and on fixed incomes still get to pay State Income taxes but they want to give us a break equal to about $4 per month. This is their idea of fair and equal taxation?

Larry Clark



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