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Letter: Contact commissioners to oppose Weber inland port

Feb 16, 2024

Think of the Amazon warehouse on I -15 in Farr West. Since 2022, it has sat empty and unused. Adjacent to it is the BDO (Business Depot Ogden), an industrial and business center. It covers 1118 acres, and still has room to grow. Now imagine the area in Weber County, only a few miles from the unfilled Business depot and the vacant Amazon building, The proposal for its Inland Port development is almost 9000 acres, eight times the size of BDO. In the name of expanding economic opportunities, it will pave over existing wetlands, endanger the Great Salt Lake, and threaten cultural artifacts. Unless we are visitors to this tranquil area, most of us will not notice the buildings. We will notice the increased truck traffic (Already Farr West needs to create additional roads for the increased truck traffic for the BDO and Amazon warehouse.), the noise and the increased pollution. When the area was zoned for commercial use, we lived in a very different world. Now saving the GSL is foremost for most people, air pollution is a health and economic concern, and truck traffic is already at dangerous levels. I implore you to contact Weber County Commissioners. Ask them to reconsider this massive industrial center on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. We have vacant sites for industrial development close by. Maintaining this area as an open green space for duck hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and outdoor recreationists could create economic opportunities without the risks. Please contact the commissioners.

Patty Becnel



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