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Letter: Utah Jazz leadership jettisoning quality players again

Feb 16, 2024

Here we go again. Danny Ainge and Jazz management have just traded away three better Jazz players. Kelly Olynyk, Simone Fontecchio and Ochai Agbaji will no longer wear Jazz jerseys. Night after night Jazz announcers Craig Bolerjack and Thurl Bailey have praised Kelly Olynyk, calling him the facilitator and saying good things about Fontecchio and Agbaji. It seems that if you are a better than average player, you run the risk of being traded. We hope if Utah manages to get a hockey team, they won’t settle for less than average hockey players. Oh by the way, former Jazzman Donovan Mitchell has made the Allstar team. Oh, well, it is what it is.

Stan and Pat Jacobson



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