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Letter: My thoughts about present dilemmas and possible solutions

Feb 24, 2024

Biden’s age and abilities: the White House physician (or other qualified doctor) can test for dementia and dispel rumors. My mother had dementia 20-plus years ago; the test was simple. As a Registered Nurse that worked in hospitals, I checked acuity every time I worked.

Trump’s verbal acumen: I voted Republican 2016, 2020, not liking the rhetoric before, during or since his tenure. An intelligent leader of a nation needs to have uniting speech not dividing rhetoric. There are correct ways to make forceful points without demeaning, degrading commentary. I was taught ‘it takes one to know one’. Foot in mouth disorder is not the way. How did he choose ‘great’ cabinet members who then became (as he refers to them) ‘birdbrains’? Does that reflect his ability to choose? Did they become that way because they worked with him?

Transgender: since sports, pronouns and bathroom facilities are such an issue, create transgender sports teams, designate one bathroom in a building as transgender only (no gender checking needed than), and let them use they/their pronouns as they choose!

One thing is for certain, our nation needs good leadership, and voting is extremely important! The last four years have been extremely negative.

Hope Welch

Hyde Park


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