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Letter: Utah Republicans’ questionable Trump endorsement

Feb 29, 2024

100% of the Utah Republican legislators, including the Senate President and House Speaker, just endorsed Donald Trump in a proclamation they all signed declaring he best reflects the Utah Republican Party "core values". This is a man that has been found to have committed substantial fraud, sexually assaulted a woman in a store, paid hush money to a porn star and Playmate, and was video recorded relating how he liked to do a lewd act on women without fear and could get away with anything because he is a celebrity. Looks like our legislators prove him right.

I suggest someone in Republican leadership write a book entitled "Profiles in Cowardice" in which this endorsement is fully explained. There could be a chapter on why fraud and sexually immoral acts reflect their "core values". Another chapter could explain why they practice gross hypocrisy. If these acts don't reflect their core values, a chapter could explain what their price is to sell their values. Finally, a chapter could explain why when someone tries to sell them a car missing a wheel, they would still buy it.

There is no leadership reflected in this endorsement. Moral leaders might vote for Trump but not endorse him as a values leader. At best, a moral leader would denounce his lack of moral example and, at worst, just sit silent. It is profoundly disappointing that 100% of them signed the endorsement, including some state executive office holders. I hope none of them are in positions of instructing or leading youth where the Utah Republican Party practice of moral relativity is taught.

I suggest we all could benefit by loaning our legislators our moral compasses as theirs appears to be broken.

Greg Sanders

Fruit Heights


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