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Letter: Trump’s victim mentality pushed me away from GOP

Jan 13, 2024

I am a Republican voter. Or at least, I was. Former President Trump has finally persuaded me to vote Democrat.

According to Trump, the Democrats stole the 2020 election, using elected Republican officials and average Republican election workers without their knowledge, and without leaving any evidence of their tampering in several states.

According to Trump, Democrats are behind his legal prosecution, in a variety of jurisdictions, in a variety of states, using average citizens, many of them Republican, on a variety of grand juries without their knowledge and leaving no evidence.

According to Trump, Democrats have manipulated or controlled a variety of judges, many appointed by Trump himself, to rule against him in case after case, without leaving any evidence.

So, if former President Trump himself repeatedly tells me that the Democrats are so strong, so smart, so powerful to get away with all this out in the open, why in the world would I vote for a weak, powerless Republican victim who constantly whines about being picked on?

Donald Carper



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