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Letter: Raises for pay, personal integrity needed

Jan 22, 2024

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D., Mass., and Representative Patrick McHenry, R., N.C., and others are calling for a pay raise for our government leaders, especially the staff of the elected officials. They have a valid point of view if one considers the greater expenses of keeping two homes, transportation costs, etc. in doing their jobs. It is pointed out that very wealthy millionaires and billionaires are controlling our elected officials by simply giving them needed money to do their bidding.

At first glance, I think what we need is not pay raises but raises in the character and morality of elected officials, the integrity to not be bought by millionaires with their own agendas. Certainly, it is concerning when politicians become themselves millionaires while in offices that do not pay that much. The Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens come to mind. They have been unduly influenced by the rich and obviously have taken money from foreign governments to do their bidding. They become compromised and probably should have been, or now should be impeached for such.

I will agree to a pay raise if it keeps the wolves at bay and gives our elected officials breathing room to do their jobs with integrity and honor. I also believe we need oversight to look into sources of income for all public officials more closely than has been done. It seems we certainly live in a day when money controls everything from the outcome of sporting events to the votes on Capitol Hill. The evils of our day are multiplied as people give up their values for personal comfort and enrichment.

Darrel Thompson



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