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Letter: Utah GOP has abandoned its principles

Jan 22, 2024

The Utah Republican party appears to be finally fully off the rails. Instead of calling itself the party of Lincoln it can legitimately call itself the party of Jefferson Davis.

First, the Utah Senate bill attacking federal “unconstitutional overreach” is EXACTLY what Lincoln opposed and kick started the civil war. The bill resurrects the concept of state nullification of federal action. Test my point by substituting “South Carolina” for Utah in the bill and in the sponsor’s explanation of it and find yourself in 1860.

There are remedies for federal overreach in place which are, admittedly, ponderous, but don’t require raising the Stars and Bars and all that goes with that.

Second, this bill reflects a party that vigorously denounced the 1996 morals of Bill Clinton but now supports as their lead presidential candidate a man that paid hush money to a porn star and a Playmate, and been found liable for sexual assault in a store. That man ignored the Constitution when it came to the transfer of power and, apparently, signaled to the Utah Senate, don’t read it too close.

Like what I understand to be a growing number, I plan to vote 3d party this year and appreciate the out of chute start of the Utah Senate to remind me why.

Greg Sanders

Fruit Heights


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