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Letter: Urgent plea to halt sale of CO2 carbonated beverages

Jan 29, 2024

There’s a seemingly innocuous culprit contributing more than its fair share to our carbon conundrum – CO2 carbonated beverages such as Beer and Soft Drinks. The estimates are that they contribute over 85 Metric Tons of CO2 EACH YEAR! My plea transcends the realm of fizzy indulgence; it’s a call to action for the reduction of our carbon footprint by bidding farewell to beer, soft drinks, and all their CO2-laden companions.

Let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter: social math that unveils the magnitude of change we could achieve. By extinguishing the sale of carbonated beverages, we would be collectively eliminating the equivalent of millions of cars on our roads. Just picture it – cleaner skies, quieter streets, and a significant dent in our carbon emissions. It’s not merely a lifestyle adjustment; it’s a stride towards a sustainable future.

Consider, too, the impact on our agricultural landscape. A world without the demand for carbonated drinks means we could keep more burping cows in the fields and a great source of food. There has been a call to eliminate all meat, this might allow us to keep it. This shift would be a boon for our efforts to combat climate change, as we strive to minimize the environmental toll of our dietary choices.

The environmental benefits extend beyond personal health; they reach into the very fabric of our planet. By taking a stand against the sale of carbonated beverages, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with their production, distribution, and disposal. It’s a ripple effect that transforms our seemingly mundane choices into powerful agents of change.

The urgency of our environmental predicament demands unconventional solutions but wise. Let’s raise awareness, inspire change, and collectively embrace a future where our beverage choices reflect a commitment to a sustainable, low-carbon world.

Here’s to a fizz-free future that not only refreshes our palates but also revitalizes our planet.

David Willis



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