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Letter: America more prosperous with pro-tech policies

Jul 8, 2024

Technology is essential to Utah’s economic and business success, and now, with new innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI), emerging, the opportunities are endless. New data shows that technology has a $22 billion economic impact in the Beehive State, and the economic impact of AI could be up to $15.7 billion globally by 2030.

AI and other tech innovations are increasing startup activity, creating jobs, driving productivity, and allowing the country to maintain its strategic leadership position. Whether it be helping a small business in Salt Lake City streamline business operations or equipping Hill Air Force Base with the best-in-class technologies for military applications, AI will transform entire sectors.

But AI innovation isn’t happening just in Utah or even America. Countries worldwide are vying for AI leadership, with the biggest contender being China. By strengthening American technology companies and creating an environment where startups can develop new technologies and innovation can flourish, our domestic technology sector can compete on a level playing field with AI created by China and its tech industry.

Through supportive policies that promote tech innovation, Utah and U.S. tech companies can lead the world in AI development, reap economic benefits, and ensure that the technology is rooted in democracy.

Ryan Easton

West Jordan


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