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Letter: My opinion on Trump and other subjects

Jun 7, 2024

Every reader should read Mr. Carper’s letter of 29 May! He has some interesting thoughts on our candidates for national office! Great article on National tv about our Mia Love and her family about 10 days ago! She talked about her battle with brain cancer and showed some pictures of her during treatment! Beautiful family and an honest person! Too bad we can’t find another honest person like Mia Love to run for office! Seems like most of Utah”s candidates all want to kiss up to Trump’s way of thinking! Republicans should get as far away from Trump as they can! All he cares about is himself and to heck with Americans! Plus 34 felony convictions! Stormy Daniels said something like she wanted to flush the orange excrement! I guess she was talking about the orange stuff he puts on his face to make him look tan? It makes him look like anything but tan! Mitt Romney (another honest Republican) said something like someone doesn’t pay a woman $130,000 to NOT have sex with her! Trump’s lawyers said something about Michael Cohen, who was once a Trump lawyer, that Cohen was GLOAT (greatest liar of all time.) I don’t think Cohen is anything like Trump. Trump seems alone as the GLOAT! Trump seems to hold the top spot! Trump was calling good, honest Americans Nazis! And this guy wants to be President of the United States! As for me, I think we should work together to make America a more perfect union! Thank you!

Don Cunningham

Fruit Heights


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