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Letter: So much was wrong with Trump’s trial

Jun 7, 2024

It’s a sad day in America.

Again, we see our Department of Justice used as a weapon against a citizen of the United States.

Laws that were rewritten, violating NOT just Trump’s Constitutional rights, but setting a precedent that will embolden those to violate YOUR rights as well.

Credibility given to people like James Cohen, who has been charged on multiple occasions of lying.

Or of a porn star whose own claim of events beyond the statute of limitations should have NEVER been allowed.

Allegations that would have only been classified as misdemeanors, but to serve the purpose intended were ramped up to felonies.

The judge that presided over this case should have been disqualified because of his and his daughter’s affiliation to the Biden administration, but again was ignored.

Compiling a “fair and impartial” jury in a “Pro-Democrat” jurisdiction would be impossible, but again those concerns were ignored.

Never before has a judge been allowed to construct a case in such a fashion, while instructing the jury that a unanimous decision was not needed to find the defendant guilty.

What’s even more frustrating is intelligent adults celebrating this verdict as a win, when in fact it paves the way to our once great nation resembling a “Banana Republic”, allowing our laws be manipulated by those in power to enrich themselves at the expense of their country, while ignoring the “bigger picture” as they toss their hats in the air.

“Fake News” medias like CNN and MSNBC agreed that this case was profound in how haphazardly it was contrived and how slight the chances were that a guilty verdict would be the result.

But alas-

So, celebrate your win while Biden continues to tell us that inflation doesn’t exist, that crime is down, that our borders are secure and that his uncle got eaten by cannibals while “Uncle Joe” was a long-haul truck driver.

Malcolm Whitney



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