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Letter: Social Security funds must be restored

Jun 7, 2024

A recent letter to the editor by Miguel Serda was pretty accurate except for a few things. It is rather ironic I think that our Congress people (Senate and House) keep telling us that Social Security is going to go broke this time in about 10 years. A little odd that Foreign Aid never goes broke, Billions of dollars for the Department of Transportation to install so far 7 EV charging stations across the nation (these are tax dollars by the way), Child Tax Credits never go broke, Earned Income Tax Credits never goes broke, Child Care Credits never goes broke, and the list goes on and on. Seems the only programs that are going to go broke are the ones that people were forced to pay into their entire working careers – Social Security and later forced Medicare. Medicaid does not go broke but generally those recipients do not pay anything into that program either. Perhaps we should just all quit paying income taxes — because those are the dollars that are paying for all the “freebies” that our government seems to be giving away. I paid into Social Security for several years, changed careers and did not have the required quarters to draw a social security check at retirement. Those dollars I paid into the program just magically disappeared — I did not get that money refunded.

So — our corrupt and incompetent Congress and Administration needs to quit lying to the people and take money from other programs that no one paid into and support the Social Security program — money that was taken from that fund to begin with. It is the fault of Congress and past administrations that Social Security is in danger of not having sufficient funds. It was stolen.

Larry Clark



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