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Letter: Strate deserves to keep serving on school board

Jun 12, 2024

Brent Strate is a career-long educator who is running for re-election to the State School Board, District 3. He has honorably served in that position as a representative of South Ogden, Layton, South Weber, Clearfield, and Clinton.

While there may be issues with other states' education system, Brent believes that Utah serves as a model for keeping politics out of the classroom. The purpose of the Utah State Board of Education is to implement the policies enacted by the legislature. That is the role of a Board Member-not to create policy. Brent understands his role.

Brent is incredibly responsive in his role as a board member. He believes that parents, teachers, students, and community members have a critical role to play in the process of implementing sound policy. Conservatives believe government closest to the people governs best. Brent is a strong proponent of local control.

Brent has a strong history of public service, including as a member of the South Ogden City Council and as a youth leader in his church. It is important to identify problems in our schools, but Brent understands that crafting solutions is far more important. I hope you will vote to re-elect Brent Strate in the Utah Republican Primary on June 25, 2024. Please return your ballot today!

Shelley Worthen

Mountain Green


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