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Letter: Biden and Garland flaunting the separation of powers

Jun 15, 2024

The recent vote of Congress to find Merrick Garland in contempt brings up this issue of the Constitution and our form of government in the United States of America. Three "separate but equal" divisions of our government were set out as the Executive (President), Legislative (Senate and Congress), and Judicial (Supreme Court). When a President and our elected representatives differ, the Judicial Branch may weigh in to tip the balance towards one side or another. The department of Justice IS NOT one of these 3, as men such as Garland are unelected and serve at the discretion of the 3. This is where Merrick Garland is wrong, he cannot think he has authority or power over the Legislative Branch. Too many appointed department heads forget this. All government leaders serve the people, the people do not serve them. When the President (Executive) is out of line, he may be reined in by the other two branches. Our President has threatened the Supreme Court as has Chuck Schumer and others, to get the rulings they want. That is treason and cause for impeachment, absolutely. President Biden keeps saying no one is above the law, yet then acts as if he is. For this I believe he is not fit for the office. He has not kept the law himself as regards our border security and in other important matters. We must vote for another man, surely, in November.

Darrel Thompson



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