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Letter: Blake Moore smartly addressing the growing US debt

Mar 22, 2024

What a compliment it is for Utah that our Congressional representatives are tackling the national debt head-on, as reporter Gitanjali Poonia explained in her January 22 article, “Rep. Blake Moore proposes a bipartisan bill to revamp the congressional budgeting system.” Republicans were once seen as guardians of America’s finances, but fewer are stepping up to the plate.

It is especially interesting that our own Congressman Blake Moore, who has been advancing legislation on the debt, is now part of House leadership. Utah’s fiscally-minded culture is now making an impact in the highest levels of Congress.

I am grateful; with so much drama in Congress, Congressman Moore has managed to remain focused on the big things that matter most as he’s risen to leadership. In addition to Congressman Moore’s efforts to rein in debt (see his Fiscal State of the Nation Act), he’s also been working to reroute supplies out of China to protect small business owners and reshore American jobs.

Going forward, I’d urge that he — and the rest of our delegation — keep with this clear-eyed approach and go for solutions that make a difference, for instance, like creating a bicameral fiscal commission in Congress to identify further solutions to the debt, or addressing the fact that China dumps cheap goods made under low environmental standards in our markets.

Mitchel Garsz

President and CEO of Utah’s American Latino Chamber of Commerce



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