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Letter: Republicans must abandon Trump, stand up to Putin

Mar 22, 2024

Enough already! Is there any doubt that the GOP is now the FOP? The FRIENDS OF PUTIN (FOP) party: (1) Has blocked aid to Ukraine in its continuing war to stop Russia’s illegal expansion of its borders, aggression against democracy, and future threats to NATO, and (2) is about to embrace convicted felon Paul Manafort’s return to a role in the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential campaign.

Paul Manafort’s deep connections to Russia and Russian oligarch money have been thoroughly documented by Republicans. He was convicted or pled guilty to multiple felony counts before being pardoned by Trump. This latest announcement comes on the day that we learn that Donald Trump does not have the cash to satisfy his required $464 million court judgement. If Democrats were supporting a presidential candidate as compromised as Donald Trump, Republicans would be SCREAMING in protest. I am sure Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave!

Russian state television is reportedly openly supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy. And why not! Given Trump’s recent statement about letting Vladimir Putin “Do whatever the hell he wants,” and his recent declaration (to Victor Orbán) of “no future support” for the fight against Russian aggression in Ukraine if he is reelected. And these are positions apparently now shared by most Republicans in Congress!

Sooner or later, American voters will need to figure out that Donald Trump’s only real purpose in seeking reelection is to save himself from the consequences of his numerous illegal and unconstitutional actions (88 felony counts still pending). Voters need to put him in his place once and for all so that we can ALL move on — without giving Vladimir Putin any kind of victory!

Don Gardner



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