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Letter: Traffic tickets are issued to serve public safety

May 7, 2024

Mayor Ben Nadolski and Police Chief Eric Young are doing a great job for the residents of Ogden. The fact is every single ticket written by OPD was necessary, legitimate and for a violation of the law that is designed to keep people and especially children safe on our roads in Ogden. Ogden is growing very fast, more people, more cars, more accidents, more need to enforce the laws to keep Ogden Residents safe.

It is just a fact that not one ticket was written that was not legitimate and in the interests of public safety, it is saving lives. The recent, irresponsible, ethically challenged, false news stories implying anything different calling tickets a “quota” and “illegal” are in fact- not true and might border on slander.

The issue of how officers are evaluated on job performance, with this being one of many metrics has:

1. Been found to be in compliance with Utah Law by the Utah attorney General 2. The leadership of Ogden is working on it to refine it to better serve the public but that takes time and expertise to have the best possible policy for the residents of Ogden.

I hope the Ogden leadership keeps working, as they have been doing a great job, to keep Ogden Awesome! And Safe.

David Willis



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